The best part of fantasy football teams is the freedom you have and the fun of the entire experience. You get the chance to compete with other teams in fantasy football leagues and draft players according to their success and ranking in the positions that are likely to have them score more.
But getting to choose a name for your fantasy football team is another fun element of the entire fantasy football experience. All the teams want that their team have the bestfantasy football names and thus come up with many different and unique ideas. But you must always think it through that which name you want.
Many people opt for funny choices i.e. in the shape of puns or jokes. This gives their team a light and cool element as well as makes it fun to use in leagues as is appreciated by others. These names might make you laugh every time it is brought up and bring a smile to the faces of others too.
You may choose to name your team after a celebrity and make the name reflect his positive qualities or a scandal. But that would entail changing the name if you ever drop or trade that particular player from your team.
But you must bear in mind that the joke must not be offensive to others or inappropriate in any way. Also if it based on a popular joke that is beginning to go downhill it is best to change it to maintain a good image in the mind of others.

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