Fantasy Football sites

There are about 27.7 million lovers and players of football around the world; therefore there are more than thousands of sites related to fantasy football. The top Fantasy Football sites are as follows:
1.       Fantasy Football Champs-; is one of the best sites for Fantasy Footballers. Features of this site are as follows:
·         FFChamps TV
·         Draft Kit
·         Player Rankings
·         My teams
·         Expert Advice
·         Survivor Pool
·         FFC Strategy Alerts
·         Fantasy Football’s ten commandments

2.       Football Docs is a site which is owned by Fantasy Football fans rather you must say addicts of PhDs. The best part is that most of expertise offered by this site is FREE except the Draft Advisor Software which is for $10.95. Features offered by this site are as follows:
·          Draft Advisor Software for creating custom rankings, tracks draft selection for 20 different teams, which are updated on weekly basis.
·         Fantasy football trends
·         Draft tactics
·         Player rankings
·         Player projections
·         Line up decision making

3.       CBS Sports-www.CBS;  Despite the fact that this site is not user friendly like all other Fantasy Football sites but it offers the following features nonetheless:
·         Most accurate rankings
·         Injuries
·         Projections
·         Message boards
·         Schedules
·         Draft Prep guide
·         Draft kit
·         Stats
4.       Pro- Football Reference is a very organized and user friendly site owned by a Sports and Mathematician fan Doug Drinen. It includes:
·          Players performance throughout history and in updated seasons
·         Pro- Football Reference blog

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