Fantasy football week 1

Fantasy football has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Millions of people play this game because it is so much interesting, exciting and addictive.

For the all the fantasy football fans and players week 1 of the game is very important, not only because it is the beginning of whole big season, but it somehow gives players a chance to predict the future of their game. Nevertheless, future is uncertain and the whole game can change in any week making predictability nonsense.

When drafting the fantasy football leagues, the first thing to figure out is who is going to be on the fantasy football week 1 and who is going to be out. This decision is based on the knowledge of the previous rankings and scores of the NFL teams and its players. For this purpose, you should seek advices and guidelines of different sources and then make a conclusion. These sources place arguments and then also offer solutions; they will also answer your queries quickly. After that you can decide which players you want to make play and which players you want to make sit.

An important point to consider about NFL players is who were injured in the last year’s games. They should not be starters in the week 1 game because they might not play so well and cause you to lose. Unless you hear from sources that the player has healed completely and is fit to play. Sometimes, even the bench players can do miracles and turn out to be great players, leading to victory.   

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