Fantasy football rankings week 5

Fantasy football is basically a competition of football game between the professional football players. The professional players play against each other in the field; this completion allows people to act as the managers of pseudo team. The professional American football players step in the field during the National Football league. Football fantasy was definitely popular but, now because of the spreading mass media the game has become even more popular not only in America but also around the world.

While knowing about the fantasy football ranking week 5 we come across to know a brilliant player of age 27 named, Carson Palmer from the teams of Bengals in the year of 2006 which was a season of redemption especially for Carson Palmer. In this period he resided all the doubts related to the fare of his return in rest as he was coming back from the reconstructive knee injury. It was quite sever and his comeback was definitely a surprise to his team and all other teams. He was seriously blessed with a howitzer for one of his arms. He was able to challenge the 40 TD mark. He threw for 28 TD’s along with the amazing gain of passing 4035 yards. 

He was also suspended for overtaking Peyton Manning possibly in this year as it was one of the best Football fantasy QB. It is advised to Carson that he must wait for the second round and then grab Manning if he takes QB early.

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