Fantasy football top picks

Fantasy Football league has one of the top players. The Fantasy football top picks include:
·         Darren Mc Fadden is the biggest riser who not only rushed 1000 yards but also in top 10 running backs in receiving yards and reception. He missed only two games due to hamstring problem. He seems to be next fantasy super star on, whom Raiders are going to rely on this time. Projections in 2011: 1138 yards and 6 Touch Downs.

·         Jamaal Charles was the player who had the highest per carry averages last year in history of NFL and even led Chiefs to their first playoff berth. As predicted that Thomas Jones will lose majority of his carries, Charles seems to be leading in the coming year. Projections in 2011: 1551 yards and 7 Touch Downs.
·         LeSean McCoy also known as Brian Westbrook version 2.0 adds value to the Fantasy football league by his abilities in passing game. Whereas analysts seem to disregard his potential and abilities in passing game instead his abilities and potential in running back are overvalued. Projections in 2011: 1081 yards and 8 Touch Downs.
·         Maurice Jones Drew had a knee surgery as he was run down into the ground by Jaguars. This has greatly affected his abilities in running back. Due to this, he only had 5 Touch Downs last year. It seems as if he is again going to drop down in 2012 drafts only because of his knee injury. But he is ranked among the top picks as he can do wonders if he is healthy.

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