Best Fantasy football picks

Best fantasy football picks of 2012 are as follows:

1.       Adrian Peterson is one of the top fantasy football players who have only missed three games in his entire career; two in 2007 during the rookie campaign and one in 2010. He has suffered from ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in Vikings win (33-26) over Redskins but despite, his injury Adrian Peterson is not dropping down in 2012 drafts. Projections in 2011: 1436 yards and 13 Touch Downs.

2.       Chris Johnson has been undervalued in 2011 draft, as his rank is 3rd in 2011 draft. He has dropped down due to contract disputes. He is very good in passing game and is surely going to be 1a and 1b with Adrian Peterson in next year’s draft. Projections in 2011: 1426 yards with 11 Touch Downs.

3.       Ray Rice was in top three consistently in 2010, but Cam Cameron’s high octane West Coast offence and Willis McGahee took majority of his goal line, resulting in Ray rice to drop down to 6th rank in 2011 draft. The additional 5 Touch Downs have made him come up to top five of draft of 2012. Projections in 2011: 1308 yards with 8 Touch Downs.

4.       Rashard Mendenhall is the best running back who has the strength like Steven Jackson and running like Adrian Peterson. Despite this, it is thought provoking that why was he given the 12th rank in 2011 draft. Projections in 2011: 1294 yards with 13 TDs.

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